Sesame-Seared Tuna & Prosecco

The end of a workweek calls for a drink to celebrate the weekend.

More specifically, the end of a first workweek in a new state, in a new job, and in a new apartment calls for sesame-seared tuna and prosecco.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House in Uptown Dallas has been in its location less than a year, but the glitzy remake has been steadily attracting both a business crowd as well as weekend diners since its debut. My first order of business was to grab the drink I was intent on enjoying before happy hour ended.

With an approachable price point and its delicate floral, fruity bouquet, La Marca has long been a favorite Prosecco of mine. I wasn’t in the mood to continue unpacking in the new apartment, so I settled in for a small bite.

The sesame-seared tuna was melt-in-your-mouth perfect and paired beautifully with the Prosecco. I personally opted to ignore the wasabi cream on the side, as the sparkling wine and tuna were both wonderfully mellow — and I wanted to keep them that way.

Even the slaw on the side added a note of freshness to the plate; the light dressing worked with the tuna, and didn’t fight with the Prosecco one bit. Overall, a fantastic after-work bite that was much needed after what felt like an incredibly long first week.

Cheers to future visits.

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